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Over 10 years of competitor-origin data

Repeatable is the world's first time-shifting competitor research database. You'll be able to get data on how any website started out, and WHERE exactly, link by link it first started getting successful with its marketing.


Technology Stack Usage

Get information on tech used by linking traffic sources, in order to better be able to communicate & integrate with those services.


Repeatability Index

Each domain gets a score based on several internal metrics - a higher score means more "repeatable" data is available, which means in most cases an easier path to imitation.


Monthly Mail Digest

Get monthly emails containing website analysis that contain a great list of easy to follow traffic sources.

Website Type Analysis

Each found page is not only listed in bulk, but also analyzed and sorted by different platform type, for easier usage in your inbound marketing campaigns.

White-Label Report Export

Each domain report can also be exported as a PDF, and in some packages, as a white-label report.

You'll always know where to market

This is the story of how I created Repeatable, and why the process behind it helped me grow my business by over 154%:

Getting the big picture

As you might have noticed, it is much easier to succeed if you take something that works, and expand on it.


There is a problem though - you can only see how something works today, but not how it first started. For emulating purposes, this is not good enough. No one that has any level of success started the way they are today - they had to take a path to where they are now.


This is precisely what Repeatable was created to do - once you type in a domain, with just a single click and in under a minute, to give you a clear picture of how someone started spreading and promoting their website, alongside exact locations where you can promote as well.



Making this software, I thought to myself, "If great products are often an incremental upgrade of existing solutions, why not take that same approach to marketing and traffic generation?" Why not do incrementally-better marketing, based on empirical, working data?


Working on previous projects, I was often very enthusiastic at the beginning, when I would find a workable idea and create an MVP. Sadly, as it happens with most startups, my projects didn't get enough traction. I was lucky though, as I did notice a pattern - as when certain websites got more attention than the others - it was when I followed projects similar to my own in terms of marketing, and expanded or combined what several different competitors did.


What I did was take what works from several different websites, combine them to use those that were most suitable to my skills and affinity, and repeat the process every month.



That is how I found the winning formula for traffic generation. Just like coming up with ideas by mashing different existing solutions together!

Not Wasting Time

First of all, let me say that, yes, this is a one-man operation. If you buy the app and need help, I'll be there to support you. If you find a bug, I'll get on it ASAP (hopefully it won't be database related!).


If there's a certain traffic pattern that you find puzzling, we can figure it out together. Doing deductions of why something sells is my #1 hobby, and that is why I started Repeatable.


If I can sum up this project, it would be that:


Not repeating your competitors traffic sources is the easiest money that you're leaving on the table.

Getting Even More Ideas

Apart from the self-service Web App that is on offer here, you will also receive a monthly mail digest of a high-converting website together with its traffic sources that you can use for your own projects.


On the 1st of every month, direct, high-converting traffic sources right into your inbox.

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Behind the scenes of Repeatable

How do you get your data?

Repeatable uses a combination of its own crawler that creates a local database of the top 100,000 largest domains, and supplemental search engine crawling for more obscure places on the internet.


Any more screenshots or a demo?

Here you go, a few behind-the-scenes pictures of the main Repeatable dashboard:


Repeatable Results


Web-site type line chart:


Repeatable Results


Crawl metrics:


Repeatable Results


The pièce de ré·sis·tance, the "Diagram of Monetization:"


Repeatable Results


By using Repeatable, your business will:


Never be struggling for growth.


You will always have a clear path on where to find new clients and get new content promotion ideas.


As I said above, just like startups conceptualize winning products, this is exactly how winning promotion efforts work.


Join the fun!


- Mike



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