The Idea Behind Time Shifting Competitor Research

Even though this is the first post on Repeatable, I’ve decided to skip the small-talk and jump into action.

I’ve been meaning to write about this topic for a long time, and since it’s launch day for my software, there is no better time to do it.

I believe most competitor research products are going in the wrong direction, not providing the information users need, and not really properly understanding the problem.

Competitor research is not simply finding a list of similar websites or a collection of backlinks.

Though in those product’s defense, it’s not like there are hundreds of them – most are actually general-purpose SEO or other types of marketing applications that have this feature as a byproduct, so what Repeatable does is a first, since it’s dedicated to competitor research.

While writing about competitor research, I should note that this shouldn’t limit your scope in using my app – it is just as useful for researching other, foreign niches to your own, as well as sites that serve you as an inspiration.

I’ve always liked reading biographies, and one of the things that always inspired me was not to marvel at someone’s success, but how they achieved it, how they began.

Because, deep down, that is what separates one person’s success to others.

You cannot copy-paste someone’s website or backlink structure and get their success

This is what the current competitor research industry is mostly about: Finding what others are doing and using their tactics for your own gain. This has, maybe a 5% chance of success.

No, to truly get value from what someone else is doing, you need the whole, linear, year-by-year path of their actions. You need to begin where they did, you need the root of their traction.

You need to know what their website did in 2005, and what changed in 2010. Who linked when, and who links to those sources.

And that is what my software, Repeatable, offers.

Check out that page, it has more info/screenshots from the related diagrams.

I hope this got you interested!

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